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This handsome billiard table is also a collector's item and there is no doubt that it will enhance the value of your inheritance considerably. The Regence is assembled piece by piece. Each such piece is fitted and numbered in our workshop just like in the good old days. The Regence is made entirely of solid oak or mahogany. It is available with beautiful fretworked or tapered legs and it comes with an unlimited choice of finishes.
Sizes Available Playing surface Legs Type Slate Approximate Weight lbs
3 1/2' X 7' 38" X 76"
Pool or Snooker 1" Framed
4' X 8' 44" X 88"
Pool Pool or Snooker 1" Framed
4 1/2' X 9' 50" X 100"
Pool or Snooker 1" Framed
5' X 10' 56" X 112"
Snooker 1" Framed
6' X 12' 70" X 140"
Snooker 1 ½

1. Base frame: The base frame which is constructed of 8/4 high quality solid oak specially selected to meet our quality standards is assembled with bolts and dowels.

2. Slate mounting blocks: First quality solid wood blocks. They provide the secure mounting of the slate on the frame.

3. Slate: Premium slate, 1-inch thick, in three pieces for sizes 7'-8' -9'-10'. 1 1/2 inch doweled unframed slate, in five pieces, for size 12'. The framed slate extends underneath the rails for consistent play. The slate is precision-machined level to within 10/1000 of an inch.

4- Cloth: Wide selection of colours and qualities.

5. Rails: Solid oak rails are widely supported by and bolted through the slate with threaded rods, mushroom lock washers and nuts. Wide adjustable flat nut plates allow rails to be precisely positioned and pulled down permanently to the slate, so as to provide a truer rebound.

6. Cushions: Professional "Masterspeed" rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy.

7. Sights: Inlaid brass sights have a maximum tolerance of 10/1000 of an inch for a consistent play.

8. Pockets: Leather pockets with # 6 iron. Colour-coordinated, choice of models. The openings meet BCA standards.

9. Legs: Beautiful fretworked or tapered legs made of solid oak for maximum solidity.

10. Exclusive leg levellers: Steel levellers are inserted into leg with a tapped bushing to maintain the optimal level.

11. Finish: Several coats of carefully applied finish ensure peerless quality, durability and sumptuousness.

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